More counseling agencies join Keep Your Home California, help homeowners apply for mortgage assistance program

Keep Your Home California has added 14 housing counseling agencies, giving distressed homeowners a face-to-face connection to learn more about – or even apply for — the state-run mortgage assistance program.

The partnership with these HUD-approved agencies was arranged with struggling homeowners in mind – some are reluctant to discuss their mortgage worries over the phone. With more than 40 counseling agencies now on board with Keep Your Home California, homeowners can walk in, sit down and have an in-person discussion of their mortgage assistance options.

The nonprofit housing counselors are very familiar with the four Keep Your Home California programs and facilitate the application process for homeowners by determining eligibility and helping to answer any questions from distressed homeowners – all for free.

Even if a homeowner doesn’t qualify for assistance through Keep Your Home California, the beauty of this partnership is that the counselors are also well-versed in a variety of other mortgage assistance options and can often help homeowners with other alternatives.

The 14 newly added HUD-approved counseling agencies are:

  • Community Housing Development Corp. of North Richmond
  • Fair Housing of Marin
  • Fair Housing of Riverside
  • Fresno Housing Authority
  • Korean Resource Center
  • Legal Aid Society of Orange County (LASOC)
  • National Asian American Coalition (NAAC)
  • Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACOA)
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire (NHSIE)
  • NID Housing Counseling Agency (NIDHA)
  • Operation Hope
  • Spanish Speaking Unity Council (SSUC)
  • Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center (TVHOC)
  • West Los Angeles Community Development Corporation (WACDC)

The counseling agencies, which have undergone extensive training in recent weeks, join more than 25 other nonprofits already providing services to homeowners. You can check the complete list of counseling agencies at

Some counseling agencies offer assistance over the phone, so a homeowner can make a call and receive the same help from an out-of-area housing agency. But, in general, the counseling agencies focus on giving one-on-one-assistance to homeowners in their region.

Additional information about partnering counseling agencies is available in a previous blog

If you would like more information about Keep Your Home California, check (or in Spanish) or call 888-954-5337. The processing center is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays.



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