Homeowners detail how the program has helped save their homes

San Diego homeowner David S. is like many Californians – a hardworking, longtime professional who has struggled during the worst economy since the Great Depression.

David’s job was eliminated and he joined the ranks of the more than 2 million Californians out of work. But David, who received state jobless benefits, was determined to keep his home.

He applied for a loan modification with his mortgage servicer, but had no luck. He made larger-than-required mortgage payments for a few months to show his commitment to keeping his home. And during the most difficult months financially, he made at least half the mortgage payment in an effort to avoid foreclosure.

Then, David – like thousands of out-of-work homeowners – came across Keep Your Home California, the state-run program that offers mortgage assistance to hard-hit homeowners. The federally funded program made David’s mortgage payments for several months, giving him the chance to look for work and worry much less about his housing situation.

“It’s a horrible … terrible feeling” to face the possibility of losing your home, says David, who has benefited from the Unemployment Mortgage Assistance program that offers as much as $3,000 per month for nine months. “Time is what this program has given me.”

Unfortunately, David’s story is not unique. Many homeowners in the Golden State are battling a dismal economy and a far-from-rosy employment outlook, and time is ticking.

Keep Your Home California can help homeowners with thousands of dollars in mortgage assistance – as much as $100,000 under the Principal Reduction Program. Now, some homeowners are a bit skeptical about the program, and we understand why.

A free program to help homeowners? What’s the catch? Well, there are a few, including the fact that your mortgage servicer must participate in the program and you must meet the income requirements, but it’s not nearly as complicated to qualify as many may think.

But instead of taking our word for it, we’ve asked a handful of homeowners to share their stories about Keep Your Home California. A couple even detail some tips to make the application process easier. So, read the profiles at http://www.keepyourhomecalifornia.org/success.htm.

We’ll add more success stories in the coming weeks and months, sharing how homeowners fought back with some help from Keep Your Home California.

Of course, there are homeowners who apply for the program and are turned down for numerous reasons. But we’ve helped more than 10,000 homeowners during the first year of the program.

We know it’s a difficult time for many homeowners, but we hope that these stories from others who also are struggling will encourage you to apply for Keep Your Home California.

If you would like more information about Keep Your Home California, check www.KeepYourHomeCalifornia.org  (or www.ConservaTuCasaCalifornia.org in Spanish) or call 888-954-5337 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays.