You earn too much for a state program? You may want to think again and check our income limits

Cash-strapped homeowners have many questions about Keep Your Home California, and one of the most frequent is our definition of low- to moderate-income homeowners.

For many Californians our state run program can help you Keep Your Home.

Some homeowners might consider their income far too high to meet the limits for the program. Sure, if you’re Apple’s Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame, or the Google co-founders, you won’t be eligible.

But for many Californians – those who check their iPhone apps or Facebook page too much, or Google non-work items at the office – our state-run program could help you with those mortgage payments.

And Keep Your Home California has some easy-to-grasp limits to determine eligibility. We strongly encourage homeowners to check the income limits.

Before you assume you make too much, check out the site.

A family earning up to $124,300 in Santa Clara County is eligible for Keep Your Home California, while homeowners in 18 counties – such as Kings and Modoc — have a much-lower limit of $68,650. The primary reason? Homes are cheaper in some counties than others.

In July, Sunnyvale’s median-home price – meaning half the homes sold for more, the other half for less – was $636,500, compared to $120,000 in Modesto, about 90 miles away, according to DataQuick. Drive a little, save a lot (maybe not as much as the housing boom, but still a significant difference, about $5,700 per mile).

Determining whether you meet the eligibility requirement is just the first step in the process with Keep Your Home California. Yes, there is some homework – and even some paperwork – to apply for the program (some homeowners could be eligible for multiple programs and more money, click here for a previous blog on the subject), but it’s about keeping your home, helping the community avoid another empty house and improve the state’s economy.

So, check the income limits and see if you qualify, then call 888-954-5337, the next step in keeping your home. Check our website for more details on Keep Your Home California and the four programs available. And keep reading this blog for more information.

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